Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rating the Raters on the 100-Point Scale

Most winemakers shudder in fear from wine writers - and now wine bloggers. I think it is time to rate the writers on their phony 100-point scale. But first, I will offer my corrected version of the 100-point scale.


Actually, it is a 20 point scale at best and can be understood better by subtracting 80 from all scores. Want to know why people don't seek out wines rated 87? Well, with my corrected score, they only rate 7 out of 20. That is pretty sad. So my ratings will look like this:


Brett Weinspitter/Wine Expectorator 86/6. (6/20 being his real score) Brett loves alcohol - so much that he refuses to rate any wine that contains less than 14.5%. He also loves the sweetness that goes along with this high alcohol and the boatloads of new French oak that held the wine. In fact he loves oak juice so much he rated a wine at 99 points because it had 200% new French oak. Brett never drinks wine with food since none of his selections go well with food. Brett has also been known to weigh the empty bottles and add points for extra glass. Brett is known to be bad for wine, but in small amounts it is called terroir.


So, I will rate each wine writer/magazine/newsletter on the 100-point scale followed by my corrected score. Stay tuned to see how the raters score.

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