Monday, August 23, 2010

One Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Welcome to Washington Wine Country!

Woodinville looks like the place to be. I could be winery #10 and cash in on all the free publicity from the Washington Wine Commission.

I don't know about you, but I would go with the balloons or maybe even a big helium wine bottle.

Does the first guy in the morning get the sidewalk for his reader board or did he slip that in later?

Are the trucks in the background full of grapes from Walla Walla?

The sky looks gray. What is that all about?

Are the vineyards just behind the fir trees?

Woodinville wineries make hand crafted, award-winning, ultra premium wines - big deal, so does everyone else.

With a $10 tasting fee, that is a $90 visit with nothing to take home but a hangover.

With this much wine, who needs skid road. No wonder the Washington State Liquor Control Board is getting very strict about samples. Let's see, 4 one-ounce samples times 9 wineries equals…… Oh hell, who's counting?


  1. I agree. Never visited Woodinville. Don't know if I ever will.

  2. I guess the picture got removed. It showed a row of nine sandwich boards all stating that the wineries were open. The picture is posted here
    I'm not putting down Woodinville wineries, I just don't think, at this point, it is wise to open a second location there.