Thursday, December 29, 2016

SeaTac Airport - The Showcase of Washington or NOT

Wow, I'm flying into SEA (Seattle Tacoma International Airport). It's 9:30 at night and I have a two hour layover before my next flight. I'll have a chance to try some great Washington seafood paired with local Washington wine. I've been anxious to try some of the state's fine wines, which are nearly impossible to find out of state.
WTF, all the restaurants close at 10:00 PM. Is this really an 'international' airport? Only the fast food places remain open in the food court - the very same food court that was rated in the top ten in the nation. (Some food courts must really be bad.) And furthermore, all the seafood comes from somewhere else. The fish is from Alaska, although flown in fresh each day by Alaska Air Cargo. The shrimp is from the sewers of Bangkok and is frozen, so it arrives via container ship to the Port of Seattle. Oh well, nice thought.
I was able to snatch two wine lists before the restaurants closed. What a disappointment. One Washington wine on each list, and the very same one I can find most everywhere in the US.
I'm sure the Washington Wine Commission is not even aware that Washington wine is not served in our largest airport. They hang out in Seattle and fly in and out without a layover.
These restaurants obviously don't care about their food or wine. The Port of Seattle, which operates the airport doesn't have a clue about wine, and the Washington Wine Commission is oblivious to f the problem since they don't see it.
You see, there are still things to be grumpy about!

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