Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Confessions of a Blogging Winemaker

Grumpy (entering blog confessional), "Forgive me father for I have sinned."

Blog Priest, "Yes son, what have you done this time?"

Grumpy, "Well, I had sex with this girl, no wait, that was a long time ago. I already confessed that several times. I, well, I wrote in my blog that I would no longer enter wine in competitions, and I succumbed to sin and entered one. You see, it wasn't really my fault. Christopher Chan, who heads the Seattle Wine Awards, personally invited me to enter our wines. He said 'he would love to see our wines' in the competition this year. Perhaps he read my blog is was just tempting me."

Blog Priest, "And what did you enter, my son?"

Grumpy, "Well, I noticed they had an 'under $20' category and the 2007 Bonair Yakima Valley Merlot and the 2008 Bonair Yakima Valley Chardonnay are available for under $12 in the Puget Sound area. They haven't' taken off like the 2008 Bonair Yakima Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. I thought that under $20 price point might separate Bonair from the big fat Walla fruit bombs. You see, our wines are food friendly and under 14% alcohol. In fact, Father, the Merlot would go well with stale crackers. You might consider a couple of cases. But now I have reservations what with all the re-labeled Walla stuff that they are trying to move at $15. It's the same as the $30 stuff. The under $20 category might be crammed with hundreds of expensive wines re-labeled to be dumped cheap!"

Blog Priest, "You are forgiven my son. Drink three white zinfandels and one California hardly burgundy. Bless you my son."

Grumpy, " Whoa Father, I didn't think lying on your blog was that serious. That is a terrible penance."

Blog Priest, "Make that two California hardly burgundies."

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