Monday, July 28, 2014


Tom Campbell, Paul Vandenberg, Gail Puryear, Paul Portteus

When you read the press about Washington grapes and wine, the same old tired stories get retold over and over. People must think the industry is very small and very new to have so few stories.
In one picture we have over 140 years of Washington winemaking history - thousands of stories that have never been told because the Wine Commission doesn't know them. Do they care? Probably not.  They are holed up in Seattle in their ivory towers. When a writer comes looking for a story, they get the same old press kit.
Each winemaker in the picture started in the industry in the 1970s. It reminds me of that old Jimmy Buffet tune, "All the stories they could tell, if it all blows up and goes to hell."
It's nice to know you can be successful in the Washington wine industry in spite of the Washington Wine Omission.

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